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Branded Clothing, Gifts & More

AM offers premium printing & branding on
t-shirts, sportswear, caps, and many other
promotional products and gifts.


Wide variety solutions to suit any environment or requirement. The perfect platform to advertise your brand, generate brand awareness and market your products or services to a wide audience.

How custom T-Shirts can promote your brand

Digital marketing is important but you should neglect traditional marketing tactics

Walking ads

T-shirts are basically mobile ads. They make your company a lot more visible, as customers wear them anywhere, spreading the word wherever they go.

Visual appeal

There needs to be a great focus on quality. If you have a quality t-shirt with your professional logo and a message that resonates with your audience, it is bound to cause a reaction.

Conversation starter

Conversation opener If your shirt makes a statement that others can relate to, they will want to talk to you about it, and learn more about your business.


One of the most cost-effective marketing techniques, Get your own custom t-shirts that represent your brand and carry a message that will resonate with your customers and gain their interest.

Why you should order custom branded caps for your marketing strategy?

Personalized caps are worn by people of all ages and backgrounds. And passersby can’t help but read what’s printed on custom branded caps

Marketing with promotional mugs

Mugs are functional and cost-efficient, and they provide an
attractive canvas for your brand message.

Customer Appreciation

Whether it’s coffee or tea. Promotional mugs offer something of value, which encourages your audience to trust and admire your business.

Gain Interest

Keeping a customer interested long enough to achieve your desired goal, such as gathering email addresses or survey participants.

Brand Recognition

Your branding is on display for other people to see. Not to mention, attractive or interesting mugs make great conversation starters

Marketing Reach

On average, only 20 percent of consumers discard promotional products, By comparison, 68 percent of consumers skip online ads.